I am delighted to continue serving The Hong Kong Society for Public Health Nursing (The Society) for the term 2016-2018.


It has been five years since the establishment of The Society in February 2011. Throughout the years, Council Members of the Executive Committee and The Society members are earnestly involved in the activities and work of public health nursing. They provide professional advice and management expertise to their clientele and the community at large, of which they play both an active and a proactive role in sharing the safeguard of health of the Hong Kong people through promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative public health nursing services. I must say they really play live The Society mission that is "To be an expert in public health nursing services for promoting the health of the community".


We will not be complacent about our past achievements and we will not slacken ourselves. Instead, we will continue exercise our immense effort to work very closely with The Hong Kong College of Community and Public Health Nursing (The College) to pave the way for our future Fellows. Being the Fellows of The College, we are obliged to set its standards of specialist training, including level, duration, content, methods of assessment, and criteria for certification of Fellow Membership based on the competence framework of The Hong Kong Academy of Nursing for Advanced Practice Nurses.


Although it is foreseeable that the work in this term will not be easy, yet I strongly believe our Council Members of the Executive Committee are visionary. Their passion will drive them committed and dedicated. I am confident, and I also trust that they will uphold the future of public health nursing, with a vision of being a pioneer in contributing to the professional development and regulation of specialist public health nursing practice.


Victoria Kwong
The Hong Kong Society for Public Health Nursing