Sharing of Research Knowledge by the Research Subcommittee


A sharing of research knowledge on the topic of  "Development and Validation of A Measure of Quality of Life (QOL) for Chinese People Living with HIV and AIDS in Hong Kong" (A research project being conducted to fulfil the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing of CUHK) had been conducted on 19 September 2014.


We are happy to share our knowledge on research design and data analysis with members of The Hong Kong Society for Public Health Nursing. Those interested are welcomed to contact us at


Details of the study:
Methods:  qualitative and quantitative approach  


The study was divided into three phases:

Phase I

  • Item generation
  • In-depth semi-structured interview of people living with HIV/AIDS was conducted
  • Thematic analysis method was used

Phase II

  • Item reduction
  • HIV/AIDS patients were recruited to complete the initial draft of QOL measure (a self-administered questionnaire)
  • Statistical methods used: exploratory factor analysis, reliability analysis by checking internal consistency and Cronbach α of each subscale

Phase III:    

  • Testing psychometric properties (Reliability & Validity) of the new QOL measure
  • HIV/AIDS patients were recruited to complete the new QOL measure
  • The new measure was examined for: internal consistency, test and retest reliability, confirmatory factor analysis, item convergency and discriminant, concurrent validity, and known-group comparisons.