The Hong Kong Society for Public Health Nursing (HKSPHN) has been founded on 15 February, 2011 by a group of committed public health nurses (PHN) with a passion to unite members of the public health nursing specialty to strengthen and maintain their professional standards via continuous education, research and self-regulatory functions so as to meet world-class standards of specialist practice in promoting and protecting the health of the public. Hence, HKSPHN strives to achieve the following vision and mission:


For the nursing profession, HKSPHN will be a pioneer in contributing to the professional development and regulation of specialist public health nursing practice. For the public, it will act as a voluntary, non-profit making professional organisation in protecting and promoting the health of the community.


We are committed to contribute to the advancement and regulation of the professional practice of public health nurses through education, research, and consultative interactions to ensure high quality care is provided for the public, especially in the areas of disease prevention, health education and health promotion. Equipped with our professional expertise and experience in the field, we have a heart and a will to bring about better health to those in need in the community via our voluntary efforts in working with members of the public.



  • To advance the art and science of public health nursing for public benefit through education, research and consultative interactions with counterparts locally, nationally and internationally.
  • To function as a non-profit making voluntary organization for promoting health of the community in concerted efforts with members of the community.
  • To act as an advocate for public health nurses on matters pertaining to the professional advancement of specialist public health nursing practice.
  • To maintain the proper functioning of the Society to achieve the destined objectives.